About STUK

STUK is located on campus Luleå and is surely the place to be for all students. STUK is owned by Teknologkåren and Luleå Studentkår and the heart of STUK are the voluntary students that work non-profit. Since the majority of our guests are students we can guarantee an incredible atmosphere!

Among STUK:s activities are:

  • Nightclub; Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. In most cases our Wednesdays are more mellow with troubadours or similar.
  • Lunch with three different courses every weekday
  • After school / work on Fridays
  • Sittings for associations or sections frequently
  • Private parties, for example we have arranged a wedding party!
  • Conferences for both small and large groups
  • Concerts with either famous national artists or local bands
  • Café and pub with coffee, cakes and excellent possibilities for studying
  • Display of sports on a big screen
  • Catering of both food and coffee with cakes